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Types of social media advertising

social media advertising

social media advertising

Marketing is very important for any business. Back in the day, it’s was mainly done through advertising using billboards and posters. But the technology that we have today makes it easily accessible to do marketing and a much grander scale and a very short time. This has only been made possible through social media marketing. 

Even though there are a lot of social media marketing strategies, the best one is social media advertising. This is done through advertisements that appear on the user’s feed. This can be very effective in increasing conversions and sales with lower costs of acquisition in cases where the target market aligns with the user demographics.

What are the benefits?

It requires less ROI time. Normally it takes a long lead time for most channels to yield an ROI. For example, content marketing is only effective after it is successful in yielding backlinks and SEO traction.

Some of the channels can bring you quick returns, but they are not stable or continuous, For example, influencer marketing produces results in a short amount of time, but these results won’t produce the same results continuously in the long term. Your earning depends on your posting.

And other channels may produce consistent results in the long run, but they take a lot of time and effort. In the case of AdWords, you get consistent results, but it requires a lot of time to master it.

Social media advertising can get you results from the first day, results that will be consistent. All businesses need social media marketing. That is why we have social media marketing services for real estate, for the cosmetics industry, for the cloth market, and many more. To be able to bring large audiences each day is very important for e-commerce websites. In this article, we will discuss how you can get consistent sales for your website using social media advertising. Keep reading to learn more.

Best social networks for advertising

There are three factors you need to consider when making the choice of a social network for your advertising. 

● Where your target audience is present in most concentration

● Where your target customers are easier to access

● Where does your target audience have a high rate of interaction

Social media is all about compelling people through what you have to offer. But you need a platform where people are likely to interact with paid ads. Let’s discuss some of the platforms below.

Facebook Advertising

It is the most used global network, having more than 2 billion monthly users. Facebook is very optimal for social media advertising because it has such a large percentage of world population present on it, and the other reason is that it has the advanced audience targetting tool. It allows you to filter your audience by location, job, interests, profile activity, and many other factors.

Instagram Advertising

While Facebook leads with its monthly users, Instagram has about 500 million monthly active users and is not that far behind. Adding to it, Instagram enjoys the highest engagement rate, which is 58% higher than Facebook, and 2000% higher than Twitter. Instagram is an exceptionally good option for brands looking to sell their products online, products that look visually appealing like clothes, food, desserts, jewelry, and much more. Instagram allows you to capture your products beautifully and promote them to your audience. 

Twitter Advertising

It is still one of the most popular social media platforms, with 328 million monthly users. It has changed the way to break the news and provides without comparison the best platform to connect with your market field and topnotch influencers. Unlike most social platforms, it gives you the chance to induce organic engagement. Brands are able to connect with their followers without spending money; this increases Twitter’s value even there are paid ads running on it.

LinkedIn Advertising

Mainly focusing on the B2B market, LinkedIn is also an effective platform for social media advertising. There are 227 million monthly active users present on it. It has the largest population of high earners on a social media platform, about 75%. Most other platforms limit their specialization to B2C companies, but LinkedIn is the only one exclusive to B2B ads and social marketing campaigns. 

Snap chat Advertising

Even though being a relatively newer platform, Snap chat has about 301 million monthly active users. What makes it a highly viable platform is its large number of active users who love to interact. You can find most of the young and middle-aged population using Snap chat every day. It provides an efficient platform for visual content.


Social media advertising proves to be one of the best tools for e-commerce websites to promote their brand on social media platforms. It brings you efficient results that remain consistent through the test of time and don’t take to long to initiate. These help you in gaining quality leads with a higher conversion rate. It is an optimal choice for business, which, from the beginning, wants to gain new sales and profit.


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