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Easy Ways to Download Videos from Any Social Media

Download Videos from Any Social Media

So, you just watched a very good video on Facebook and you want to keep it for viewing later. But wait a minute! You can’t download it! Indeed, what a critical loss of useful information. In fact, this is a problem that many users face on different social media sites. But there’s a solution…

If you like an MP4 file on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can download it. Use the software and websites below, and say goodbye to this worry forever:


If you want to download videos with ease and comfort then may be your best bet! The download method is as easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is write “ss” behind “YouTube” in the URL. For example, if you want to download this file about Spectrum internet, then this is what you have to do:

  • Simple URL:
  • URL with “ss”: 

If you look carefully at the second URL, you will see that there’s “ss” written behind “YouTube”. When you add this to the URL and hit enter, you will go to From this website, you can easily download the file. Easy, right?

The cherry on top is that you can use this trick to download from other popular sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Instagram as well!


Downloading using FastestTube ( is very easy as you can add download the file from the website or via a browser extension. You can add the extension on any of the popular browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This browser extension service adds a button on the top right corner of your browser to comfortably capture videos. Do note that this extension is specifically for YouTube.

FB Down, as the name implies, is a website that you can use to download videos from Facebook. For your convenience, the company also provides a browser extension to easily grab them. You can stay on Facebook without having to open another tab. Click on the browser extension to capture the file.


Download-Twitter-Videos ( is a very useful service to download videos from Twitter. This is because all you have to do is copy the URL of the target tweet and paste it into the “download bar” present on the main interface of the website. Moreover, you can also select your desired format such as MP4 or MP4 HD. Interestingly, you can also save the video in MP3 format!

Instagram Downloader

Instagram is a very popular social media app and now its integration with Facebook has further increased its utility. The addition of “Instagram Stories” has taken it to another level. By using Instagram Downloader (, you can download Instagram videos. The interface of the website is seamless and noise-free. All you have to do is insert the URL of the file you want to download in the provided download bar. Click on download MP4 to download it.

Instagram, traditionally, was an image-based social media network. So, if you’re looking forward to downloading an image from Instagram, then don’t worry. You can download images from this website as well. Just insert the URL and hit the “Download Photo” button! Resultantly, the image will download to your device’s storage.


Y2Mate ( is a very good website that allows users to download YouTube Mp4 files in a range of formats. You can extract the audio from an MP4 file, or download it in HD. It all comes down to you. Simply paste the URL in the URL area. The website will process it and then give you options to download it in any format that you want. That’s how simple and easy it is!

You may be wondering if you can get TV shows downloaded as well and the answer is no (most of the time). I watch my favorite shows on Spectrum TV but if I miss one, I use my streaming service to catch up. For TV shows and movies, the best solution is streaming services or cable TV.

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