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Most Important Things Required for Camping


When we hear the word camping, there are so many exciting things that come to our mind. A sudden excitement just creates in our mind. Indeed, camping is very adventurous and fun to have. It’s a whole unique and fun to have experience. It doesn’t matter if you are going to camp in woods or lake side, mountains or an arid place, you will love the time you will spend there. Away from the city rush and under the clear sky full of stars, what else do you want? But in the excitement, sometimes we forget some important things to carry with us, especially if you are a first timer.

Don’t worry, we will not let your camping experience get spoiled. We are enlisting the most important things that you will require. So, grab a pen and a paper and make your check-list.


A Tent

The first on the list is the most important thing for camping for obvious reasons. When we are out in the woods, away from home, we require shelter and a tent is the best thing that we can have. Tents are easy to carry and most of them are very easy to install as well. Also, when you are away camping in a group, installing a tent becomes even easier and faster. Speaking of groups, there are many huge tents available in the market for a group. A 3 room tent is a perfect pick for 7-8 people. A multiple room tent is nothing but a huge tent in which divisions are made by dividers for your privacy. Moreover, these huge tents have more height comparative to other smaller tents so that you can stand properly. Moreover, if you require to change your clothes, you can easily change them.

Sleeping Bag

Modern city life is full of comfort and we have to accept this fact that we are now used to this comfort zone. Also, it is not necessary that you will get a plain clear surface to set up your tent. In fact, most of the time you will find some rough surface to set up your tent and you will not be able sleep on that uncomfortable surface. So, the best solution to it is an airbag or sleeping bag. A sleeping bag not only provides you comfort but also gives you warmth. A sleeping pod or an airbag is a must especially for those who are planning to camp in a colder place or in snow. There are hundreds of sleeping air bags available in the market that are best for you to spend a comfortable and cozy night under the sky.

A Lantern or a Flashlight

A lantern is the most useful thing that you can have in your camp. As the sun sets and it starts to get dark, your lantern is your eyes. Most first-timers don’t realize its importance, but ask some pro about how useful this product is. Everyone goes camping to enjoy nature and to calm themselves under the bright moonlight and twinkling of stars. But, it is not necessary that you will get to have bright moon light on during your camp and it is possible to much extent that you will not be able to find anything. Also, there are moments when you have to find something from your stuff in the night or nature may call you in the dark, you won’t have any option in that case. So, you can’t afford to forget your flashlight at home. Pro tip- you must always keep your lantern or flashlight in your reach.

A Rope

One of the most under-rated things that you can have with you during your camp is a rope. Most of the people won’t understand the importance of a rope but a pro camper can enlist umpteen numbers of benefits of a rope. A rope can be used for setting up the tent or providing extra support to the tent if the environment is too windy. Also, it can be used to dry your clothes and other things. Moreover, a rope comes very handy in the situation of emergency. For instance, you can use a tent to tow your car. We are not saying that you will meet a car break down but it’s better to take precautions. You can also use a rope to evacuate a person as well in case of emergency.

A Swiss Knife

Also known as pocket knife, a Swiss knife is another very underrated but very significant product that you can have with you on camping. There are umpteen numbers of advantages of carrying a Swiss knife. In some cases, it can even replace an axe or a cutter. You may require to cut a few things when you are in the wild or you may accidentally get stuck in some bushes or something, in these cases, a Swiss knife comes very handy. The best part of this knife is that it doesn’t take much space in your baggage. You can simply keep it inside your pocket. Moreover, you can keep an entire tool kit that takes little to no space and you can keep your knife along with it. You might need it to calm some ferocious wild animal if you encounter one.


Before finishing it up, we would like to mention some other important things that you can carry with you. You must carry a matchbox with you unless you know how to create fire from stones. Also, you must carry things like utility bags, paper towels, some extra stakes to support your tent, and a first-aid kit for all your emergency needs.

So, that was the list. We hope that you liked it. So, now as you have made your checklist, you are ready to start your camping. We wish you to have a great camping experience and hope that you will have some great adventures waiting. Don’t forget to carry some fuel for your bonfire.


Study MBBS in the US

The Indian doctors are counted among the best in the world. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the difficulty level of the entrance exam. Every year thousands of doctors get degrees from the medical colleges and start practising. But the sad reality is that India is running short of physicians. The MCI report of 2019 says that in India there is 1 doctor for every 10,000 persons and the WHO recommendation is 1:1000. Similar is the condition of nurses. The reason is there are not enough medical seats for the students to pursue their career in medicine in India.

Previous year around 10 lakh students wrestled for about 43,000 total seats in the NEET examination. You can imagine the rejection rate and the disappointment among the students. To fulfill their dreams to become a doctor, many students opt to study abroad. Some of the students even pre plan to study medicine abroad. In the past few years, the US has become the new hotspot for the Indian students to pursue their career in medicine.

Although the education system in the US is a bit different from India and some other countries but still Indian students are preferring the US to as their top pick. Many universities have established themselves as the world-class universities to produce excellent doctors. One such university is the American University of Antigua which has established itself as one of the highly looked after universities for medical studies.

American University of Antigua- An Intro

The University was established in 2004. The primary reason to set up the university was to meet the shortage of physicians in the US. Soon after its inception, it was recognized by many medical boards. For instance- in 2006 the University was recognized by New York State Education Department and later in 2011 by the Medical Board of California. Moreover, the University has been recognized and approved by many foreign medical boards as well.

The University has 150,000 sq. ft. campus with modern and world-class infrastructure that provides you the environment for your all round growth not only as a doctor but a good human as well. AUA is famous for it’s high number of foreign students. Indian students have a very significant share in the number of foreign students. Speaking of Indian students, take a look why the American University of Antigua is preferred by many medical aspirants.

Why Indians are Choosing AUA?

Although the education system of the US is quite different from the Indian education system, students still opt to go to the US for medical studies. The MBBS in the US is called MD(Doctor of Medicine). Also, you are required to enroll in a pre-medical program which is of two years before taking admission in a college or university. After completing your pre-medical program, you can enroll in the MD program. The MD program is of 4 years.

Once a student is graduated, ge/she can enroll him/herself in the residence program.The residence program is similar to the PG program in India. In the residence program, students choose the stream of their choice for specialization. Take a look at why you should consider AUA for your medical studies.

     The university is recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India. This means that if you study from AUA and wishes             to practise in India, the MCI won’t do your screening.          
  • The university believes that practical learning is equally        important as theoretical learning right from the beginning. So, the       students get to train from the 1st semester of their     graduation.     
  • Also, AUA has an exchange program with the Florida          International University for 1 semester. This gives students a first   hand experience to learn from a wide range of professors and doctors       that guide them.  
  • One of the biggest things that attracts students to AUA is     the scholarship that the university gives to the student. Although        this scholarship doesn’t include the hostel fee yet it is one of            the biggest reasons why AUA is popular. The university gives a             scholarship of $96,500 in three different intervals to selected       students.         
  • The university also a tie-up with more than 35 hospitals        for Clinical Sciences(3rd and 4th year of MD) for the       real world needs.


Every year many students have to give their dreams of becoming a good doctor even after scoring high in the NEET exam just because of lack of seats in medical studies. The students should understand that this is not the end. These students should not be stopped from exploring other options. In fact, there are many students who plan to study abroad right from the beginning. So, if you are really looking to study abroad, you must consider the US because of umpteen numbers of different advantages. Moreover, in the US, the American University of Antigua is the university that is one of the most sought after as it is both in your budget and the quality of education also meets the desired standards.

We wish you good luck for your hunt for the university of your choice. If you get demotivated in your journey, just remember why you started it in the first place. 

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