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Breakfast burrito that contribute to not losing weight

Breakfast burrito  sometimes referred to as a breakfast wrap outside of the American Southwest, is a variety of American breakfast composed of breakfast items wrapped inside a flour tortilla burrito.
if I eat very little !!
If you really want to
lose those extra pounds you have to observe your morning habits to achieve positive results.
Next we will tell you what you should NOT do in the morning.
Breakfast burrito

breakfast burrito:

Breakfast burrito is the most important food of the day and if you do not eat at that time because
you think that this way you will go down faster you are totally wrong … Eating breakfast
helps you to have a lot of energy during the day, helping to increase metabolism.
If you
don’t eat something nutritious for breakfast, your brain functions will lower the glucose in
your body.
If, in addition to not having Breakfast burrito , on the way to school or work you buy a rich
and fattening coffee full of sugar with whipped cream, caramel, caramel and chocolate chips
you will be increasing your weight !!!
When you leave the body without food it absorbs
absolutely everything you give it and that is why even if you only drink coffee it is as if you
take more because it absorbs as much as it can, that is, all the sugar that your rich coffee
has is go straight to your hip …

Not exercise:

If you do not move your body a little in the morning, you will not burn the calories you need,
in addition, you will feel more awkward during the day, more tired and without
Morning exercise helps you feel more agile during the day, your self-esteem is
increased and of course you strengthen the muscles of your whole body including the
At minimum when you get up do a series of squats, move your head in a circular way
and that’s it!
30 minutes minimum exercise a day is optimal.

Not drinking water:

Usually when we wake up we go to the refrigerator and have a glass of chocolate milk or a
little flavored water from the previous day or why not, a little soda … Ideally, take a little
water on an empty stomach so that you body is purified and receives nutrients from food in
the best way.
If you can buy liquid chlorophyll and dissolve a little in a glass of water, it will
help you burn toxins, the breath, it is excellent food for cells and much more.
A glass of
warm water will also aid your digestion, burn fat and other great benefits.


If you are one of those who smokes a cigarette on an empty stomach, you are terribly
wrong !!
In addition to the damage that this addition does, it eliminates hunger, and if this
happens you will not have breakfast if not until lunchtime and what we discussed above will
The cigar is not good at any point but try not to smoke on an empty stomach
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