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5 Best SEO Tracking Software (2021) For Marketing Professionals

best seo tracking software

Search engine optimization tools or SEO tracking software helps you improve the ranking of your websites on SERPs without paying for placements. Using these tools, you can get insights into the SEO on your website and work towards improving the weak areas. SEO software can help you create the best strategies for your SEO campaign with features like industry analysis, competitor data, rank tracking, content optimization, etc. Other features that should be included in any SEO tracking software are SEO audits, link building, local SEO optimization, etc.

SEO tracking software is used by SEO Services specialists or marketing teams to improve the rankings of their websites on search engines. With the help of these auditing tools, you can get a report of your website’s SEO health. 

If you are also looking for the best SEO tracking software to improve the SEO health of your websites, then make sure to check the following category below:

  • Includes all necessary SEO features such as Content optimization, audits, rank tracking, keyword research, backlink monitoring, local SEO optimization, etc.
  • Provides insights and reports.
  • Provides improvement in organic search engine listing.

List Of Best SEO Tracking Software in 2021


Trusted by over 6,000,000 marketing professionals and 1000+ media outlets all over the world, SEMrush takes first place in the best SEO tracking software for 2021. Its integration with Google and other task management platforms makes it a must-have SEO tracking software for SEO and digital marketing specialists. SEMrush has over 50 tools in its software with data of more than 150 years. 

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software that offers all the functions and tools necessary for completing online marketing projects. The software is ideal for SEO specialists, agencies, and small business owners. The software can perform all the required functions including keyword position tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis, website audit, grouping, automated professional reporting, backlink monitoring, and many more.

Conductor Searchlight

Conductor is among the few leading organic marketing companies worldwide. Conductor searchlight, a content intelligence platform provides insights about customer intent that helps you get more traffic, create compelling content, and eventually increase your ROI. Conductor’s technology reveals the topics and trends that your target audience is searching for.


When we talk about Best SEO Tracking Software, Ahrefs can not be excluded from the list. Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset developed by the software company with the same name “Ahrefs”. The SEO software can help you with link building, backlink strategies, competitor research, keyword research, PPC keywords, website audit, and many more.

Moz Pro

The Pro Subscription of Moz covers almost all the necessary SEO tools from site tracking that helps you know the SEO health of your website, to research tools that help analyze your competitor’s efforts. The best thing about MOZ pro is that you can get its free one-month trial before having to invest in the $99/month plan directly.


All the SEO tools mentioned above are marvelous and provide SEO insights that are nearly impossible to get otherwise. However, to get the best results out of these tools you will still need to put a lot of effort into creating compelling SEO-friendly content, working on the areas that need to be fixed, making improvements elsewhere, and a lot. You need to learn SEO properly to perform all these tasks and take your business to heights. Another alternative is to hire SEO Services USA and let the SEO experts do it all for you. Although, you should still be aware of some basics of SEO and these tools to know for sure if you are getting the best work done on your websites.

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