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A Guide To Writing Book Report and Papers For College Students

A book report contains the plot, storyline, theme, etc. of a book. This means that you must know the book well enough to write about it. Now this process might intimidate you and you might feel like searching “who can write my book report” and outsource it to a professional company but we assure you its simple if you know the approach

Book Report: Pre-Writing Stage

There is a pre-writing stage where you plan and outline the book:

  • Choose the book of interest on which you will write a report. Ask yourself why you chose a book, what made you interested in it, is this a genre you usually read and can commit to it, etc. 
  • While reading makes notes. Note down all characters, symbols, theory, story, etc. You don’t want to miss out on any important fact. Your book report must clearly mention all the important things about the chosen book.
  • Find small quotes that you can place in your report to make it more interesting
  • Once you have all information with you start planning the structure and sections.

Guide To Write A Book Report: Writing Stage

Let’s get started on how to write the actual report once you have all the information in place. Though you can order college papers online but try using the guide below to write an amazing report yourself.

  • In the introduction mention who is the author, the book title, and publication date. Write a statement that explains the theme or subject of the book. Introductions should also have the genre and overview of the main story.
  • The next part is the body of the report. This is where the extended summary goes. Your remarks can be about the tone and style of writing. You must also include the thesis of the author.
  • Conclusions are about how the book will impact the reader. Also, include if it’s recommended or not. The conclusion can be about your opinion and thoughts on the book.
  • Once everything is done start with the revision. Your first draft should never be your final draft. Your final draft should be polished grammatically correct and must make sense. 


Book report writing is not hard if attempted in a logical way. You must follow the process to reduce extra efforts. You can save yourself a lot of time by doing the pre-writing work and then proceed with the writing stage. Remember the tips above will help you draft a professional book report. 

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