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Precautions to be taken when taking Kampo medicines

Chinese herbal medicines made with natural crude drugs are seen as vaguely effective and lack scientific evidence when compared to western medicines commonly prescribed in hospitals and other places. Sounds like that.
However, you should be aware that it is a “worthy medicine” that is already prescribed in healthcare settings to restore health.

Although it is a Chinese medicine based on the experience accumulated for thousands of years in China and Japan, it is safe to say that it is a medicine that has been sufficiently supported for its safety and effect.
Western medicine has been tested for efficacy and safety in clinical trials, but Chinese medicine has been tested for a sufficient number of years.
In fact, scientific verification (such as EBM) is underway, and there is statistical data that about 70% of doctors use it as a prescription drug.

Speaking of Western medicines, there is a strong tendency to develop them with the aim of stability. Type exists.
Doctors know the patient’s condition and so on, so they choose the drug that has the minimum effect needed for treatment. This is also a cautionary measure to prevent unwanted side effects.
As far as the direction of Chinese medicine is concerned, it is not so far from Western medicine.
Some traditional Chinese medicines are mild and have few side effects, and some have a strong effect that can be expected to have immediate effects.
In all cases, a high-efficiency Chinese medicine is not always selected. .
In order to get a healthy body with Chinese medicine, it is necessary to follow the precautions when taking Chinese medicine.
Then, I would like to introduce one by one about the precautions related to taking Chinese medicine.
Yu Kashii: health to a boy in both the birth mother and child – Mainichi Shimbun
wife safety and pray for health, Hatsuuma Festival / Hatano in Shirosasa Inari shrine of the Kanto three major Inari – Kanaroko (Kanagawa newspaper)
Yamamotoyama and white乃波health in both countries Kokugikan Diagnosis-Daily Sports


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