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5 countries where you can find genuine lab-grown diamonds

We are in 2021 and most bling lovers now know about something called lab-grown diamonds. They are man-made, as the name suggests, created in a lab using synthetic techniques and by creating artificial atmospheric conditions to aid the formation of the crystal. Their physical and atomic structure is the same as an organic diamond and you can buy then the same size as an organic diamond but at a much lower price. Due to its affordability factor, it has risen to popularity over the years.

Many companies in various countries had been researching and experimenting on the idea of a synthetic diamond. From 1879 to 1928, there had been numerous experiments, however, none were significantly successful to be mentioned. The successful first lab-grown diamond was made by Sweden’s GE Company in the year 1955. At that time, the diamonds were produced for industrial uses because of their high heat and electrical resistance and hardness. In the year 1984, they were commercially introduced as a gemstone and part of jewellery.

Today there are several countries that create lab-grown diamonds. Here are five countries that offer genuine and reliable ones.

  1. Sweden

Since the journey began in Sweden, it has to top our list in lab-grown diamond production. Sweden still has a large share in production, however, it is not the largest by any measure anymore.

  • China

China is the biggest producer of lab-grown diamonds in the world. It accounts for 56 percent of lab-grown diamond production in the entire world. China produced 15.4 billion carats in the year 2019. HPHT is the preferred technique used. China is already on the road to find newer and better technology at cheaper rates to produce synthetic diamonds on a large scale at comparatively lesser prices.

  • India

The trend of lab-grown diamonds came much later in India as compared to other countries, but it quickly rose to top with its production boost. In 2019, India was the second largest producer of lab-grown diamonds, at 15 percent worldwide. The biggest market of lab grown diamonds in India is in Surat, Gujarat. India exports almost 40% of its production every year.

  • United States of America

The United States of America is at third place. It contributes to 13 percent of the global lab-grown diamond production. In 2017, United States produced 129 million carats of lab-grown diamonds. United States produces higher percent than lab grown diamonds uk.

  • France

When you talk of diamonds, you can’t exclude France. France jumped in the race later but has few of the biggest companies such as the ‘Diam Concept’ that were the first of its kind to produce synthetic diamonds in France. This one company alone produces close to 10,000 diamonds every year.

When thinking of investing a large sum of money to buy a lab-grown diamond, it is natural to want to be sure that you’re getting a genuine deal. Do not get confused between American diamonds and lab-grown ones. They are not the same. Lab-grown diamonds are as real as they can be. This list mentions only five of the many countries worldwide to provide 100% genuine, top quality lab-grown diamonds. For people in the UK, hatton garden jewellery shops is the perfect place to get more information on this.

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